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Prodigal Father: Reuniting Fathers and Their Children  

We've struggled with my daughters' father not giving them the attention they needed. We've struggled with Aaron's mother's refusal to cooperate with visitation and creating many hard times. We struggled with those issues, and have improved those issues, for the sake of the kids. They are worth it. You may not be in the 'space' right now to be able to do it. Please consider it for the future. Mother or father, custodial or non-custodial parent, as tough and hellish as walking thru these issues is, please do it for the children. Mark and Cheryl Miller

Taking the High Road offers women advice on dealing with a crazy ex in order to retain sanity and raise children in relative peace and serenity. Author Nailah Shami has been through it all with her ex-husband, who did some unbelievable things after they split up. For the sake of the kids, however, Shami shows women how not to stoop to his level and instead get on the high road. Whether he left the marriage for the next-door neighbor, criticizes your parenting skills, or tries to weasel out of paying child support by saying a friend stole his cash from the freezer, Taking the High Road contains a wealth of useful knowledge for every reader. It is a funny, upbeat, and inspirational guide including everything from loving affirmations to nuts-and-bolts advice on communicating with an ex, collecting child support, and counseling children through the process. The result is a warm, wise, and witty guide that feels like a good chat with a best friend. Claire Raphael is a successful entrepreneur in addition to being a good wife and mother. She and her business partner, Brody, own a chain of furniture stores across the country. Things appear to be going swell, until one day a life-altering jolt comes straight out of left field: Claire is served with papers notifying her that her husband not only intends to divorce her but also has obtained custody of their children--and, as if those things aren't bad enough--she must vacate their house immediately.

The Best Interests of the Child : The Least Detrimental Alternative

Caught in the Middle : Protecting the Children of High-Conflict Divorce

Child Custody - Building Agreements that Work

Child Custody Made Simple : Understanding the Law of Child Custody and Child Support

Clinician's Guide to Child Custody Evaluations

Custody for Fathers - excellent book. Cheryl Miller

Divorce and Money : How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce

A Family Divided : A Divorced Father's Struggle With the Child Custody Industry

Father's Rights

Fighting for Your Children : A Father's Guide to Custody


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spells.gif (7859 bytes)How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad & Other Spells :For Love, Wealth, Beauty and Revenge

~~**~~I have always been under the impression that if you are looking for a spell to turn a terrible person into a toad, you're too late...they already are.~~**~~

101 Ways to Get Back at Your Ex This collection of hilarious and soul-satisfying comebacks includes: let the IRS know about your ex's questionable deductions; report your ex's credit cards as stolen; send your ex a copy of the "Better Sex" video; intercept your ex's utility bills, causing the electricity to be turned off; and more.
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The Ex-Wife Syndrome : Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (one of my favorite books)

menjoke.gif (10486 bytes)"What do you call a man who's lost 95% of his intelligence? Divorced." For every woman who's "had it" with men, here's a clever collection of jokes and wisecracks that make fun of the men in their lives. revenge.gif (6184 bytes) Regina Barreca explains why revenge is one of our most universal experiences--and why, no matter how slight or petty, it always tastes sweet. Full of hilarious anecdotes from real people who have settled their scores in some very creative ways, this book is sure to teach new tricks to even the most dedicated revenge connoisseur.

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Divorce Pranks Amazon books, music and videos page 1 2 3 4 5 6


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