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Men are not the only

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"She" can be one too! When you look at the deadbeat sites, ask yourself if you're behaving like a deadbeat, and remember that men are victims of  "her" deadbeat  mentality also.

  Whether you are a custodial parent, a non-custodial parent, a first wife, a second wife, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, ask yourself if you're behaving in the best interest of the child.    

9/14/2000 Dh's attny said ortho treatment will be transferred, if she pays no bills at home her "income" will reflect that on the dissomaster, he's sending her a letter w/dh's latest paystubs, telling her the court date will not be changed, and if she sends her financial the day before court he won't complain about her not having done it before.

9/19/2000 Bm responded w/paystubs showing $9.75 an hr, @$20K a year.  She requested child support orders be cancelled, and dh pay $500 a month towards arrears.  I think she thought she'd end up paying dh and couldn't stand the embarrassment of a wage assignment.  In truth dh would have had to pay her $78 a month.  

Her response insisted she gets ss 24% instead of 22% of the year.  We would have gone along with 24%, and dh would have been paying her $36 a month.  In truth, she refuses to pick up ss Fri nights at 6pm as she is entitled to.  I suspect it's for the same reason she refused to take ss to the airport Fri nights as she was ordered to by the court when she had custody and we lived in Vegas.  She said they (bm, ss, and her parents) must sit down to 5:30pm dinner every night, he could not have fast food in order to get to the airport.

She actually gets ss less than 22% of the year as stated in the court order because of her not picking him up Friday nights.

Bm told judge dh should have to pay her support to the current date.  Judge said a little impatiently, "Do you agree with me that (ss)'s been living with his dad since 9/15/99?" She replied yes.  Judge said, "Then why would he have to pay you support since then?"  Bm said cuz dh didn't file a timely modification.  She said dh can afford the $500, and that I receive child support for my 2 kids.  Our attny pointed out I'm not receiving support.  

Funny, bm doesn't offer that her parents paid all her bills since '86.  Now her financial shows she pays a whopping $200 a month rent and she pays other bills of her own.

Our attny pointed out dh is bearing the bulk of supporting their son.  Bm's parents snickered from the audience. 

Bm tells the judge, "I buy him shoes, he doesn't." 

Yes, we don't buy him shoes (or other things) when bm demands we do so, and we don't feel he needs the stuff.  Yes, we refused to pay the $1837 in 6 years of uncovered medical bills she finally sent dh in '96 (she'd been withholding info of ss's doctors/dentists). We paid all unpaid medical since then. Yes, she's paying for ortho and wisdom teeth removal. It was more important to her to be in control and be able to manipulate those situations for her own agenda than to care about ss's best interests or for my insurance to pay for stuff like that.  And what else was dh's child support payment of $682 a month to bm doing other than supporting ss while bm was unemployed for most of those years, her parents paying all her bills, then she worked part-time for 4 years, finally working full-time since '99?

Judge asked her, "You want child support orders cancelled?" Bm said, "Yes, I don't have custody."  I think the judge was just as puzzled as we were with her logic.  I think it really was about saving face at work - she was so afraid of a wage assignment.

Dh offered to pay $200 a month towards arrears.

Bm insisted ss finish ortho at UCLA, said ss was angry w/dad for not taking him to UCLA (our attny jumped on that, "Evidentiary)...our attny pointed out that UCLA orthos and new ortho all agreed transferring would be fine.  Judge asks, "So a transfer would be easy?" Our attny responds yes. Bm argues that she worries that dh will not take ss to appts, that dh will not pay the orthodontist. 

Support was suspended retroactive to 9/15/99.  Any child support to bm was cancelled effective the filing date in August of this court date.  Dh is in charge of orthodontic treatment.  Dh pays $350 a month starting 10/15/2000 towards arrears.  Bm and her parents were shocked and angered that she didn't get what they thought was logical.  They stormed out of the courtroom.

Bm kept trying to shock the judge saying arrears were @$23K.  Dh and his attorney didn't point out that arrears would go down if the judge ruled in our favor. With retroactive and payments since custody change applied, arrears should be @ $13K.

Bm kept trying to shock the judge saying dh owed her $5,000 in medical.  The judge looked at the paperwork quickly, looked at bm and asked, "I don't see that that's being addressed here today."  Her statement was incorrect.  She was retreating to her attempt to have dh pay all of the medical insurance premiums she paid when she did have medical insurance for about a year some years ago.

I asked ss about his being angry with his dad, "Well, yes.  I wanted to get another appt so I didn't have to wear my retainer during the day at school." I didn't belabor the point.  I didn't ask him, "Why didn't you talk to your dad about it?!?"  

Concerned Stepmom 


dh - darling husband 
bm - biomom 
ss - stepson 
sd - stepdaughter 
dd - darling daughter 
ds - darling son 

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