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Men are not the only

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"She" can be one too! When you look at the deadbeat sites, ask yourself if you're behaving like a deadbeat, and remember that men are victims of  "her" deadbeat  mentality also.

  Whether you are a custodial parent, a non-custodial parent, a first wife, a second wife, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, ask yourself if you're behaving in the best interest of the child.    






03/29/2001 Ss has a weekend at bm's this weekend, he leaves for Robotics from CA to FL Tue nt.

Bm called ss tonight and told him he must bring all his clothes to be washed at her home, and must bring his medal. She's going to pack all his clothes for Robotics at her home.

We told him all clothes must come back. We told him his medal must come back - he'll need it at the competition.

*shaking my head* Fine. We pick our fights. This isn't worth trying to block bm's demands.

Concerned Stepmom



I have to admit I'm chuckling a little.

Bm called at 8:30am, when she's supposed to pick him up, to say she's so sick ss can't come to her house.

She's never missed taking him before.

So her demand that he pack all of his clothes and bring his robotics medal, that he wash all his clothes at her house, that she pack his suitcase this weekend for his Tue nt trip to Robotics competition, have all gone out the window and he's unpacking.

Ss told her he has a severe cold.

As usual, his cold is a stuffy nose, and a little cough, that usually goes away with round the clock Sudafed, that bm and her parents say we are terrible for giving to him.

I wonder what word he'll use when he really does have a severe cold.

Bm grilled ss over the phone while he was sitting next to me about everything going on in our house over the next couple of weeks.

In particular about the Mexican exchange student arriving for 2 weeks.

If you remember, before dh won custody summer '99, bm told dh's
wonderfulexgirlfriend (who told us) that we were probably going to have my 12 yo daughter have sex with her 11 yo son so he'd want to live with us.

So dh made a bad joke today, that bm is probably worried that we're
importing someone to have sex with ss.

Concerned Stepmom



Stepson's team won 1st Nationally!!!


Dh, nice guy that he is, called bm and her parents to let them know. They didn't have the Nasa channel at her home, can't get it on their computer.  Bm then wanted to discuss making up for the last weekend she was unable to pick him up. Gee, I can't remember her giving dh regular visitation, let alone make up visitation.  But he was nice and brought up that ss's robotics summer school class is 6 weeks, leaving her 4 weeks, and he wants to talk about her making up that 5th week. Sounds like now that ss's team won regionally and nationally, she's suddenly willing to cooperate.
I would hope so. Scholarships are possible:
Then ss called to tell us they won, and my normally stoic ss was crying in excitement. Dh suggested he call his mom. Ss was reluctant, but I think he did.
Our family is going to make banners, signs, and cause a ruckus when we go to pick up ss at airport tomorrow night. He'll be so embarrassed, but secretly pleased.  The rest of the team will love it.

Concerned Stepmom



Wow. He is soooo ok with winning and the trip. He was beaming. He keeps talking. He is relaxed and happy.

Before the win at the regional competition dh was talking to ss about how exciting the day was at LA Convention Center. Ss loudly complained that he doesn't like excitement.

He changed his tune after the win.

He surpassed my hopes for how well he seems to have tolerated enjoying FL.

I think he could get used to success *grin*.

DD was telling ss she's going to summer robotics and joining. Ss asked her, "What are you going to do?!?" Dd let him know in no uncertain terms that she can't program but she likes to build things and Bob ( an engineer sponsoring) encouraged her to join at Regionals.

Ss's been talking all the way home, and pointed out to dd that he himself is also going to really participate this next year cuz he promised everyone.

Concerned Stepmom


04/09/2001 I took stepkids to dentist office.  They couldn't get over how much more relaxed and happy ss is since they've been seeing him since dh won custody summer '99. They didn't even see the difference in him since before the FL trip, and now. He's relaxed and playful all day long with his stepsisters and half sister.

Newspapers called several times today about the robotics national championship. Ss was sleeping at first, we were out, dh talked to them, then I gave another sd's and dh's name for the pic the newspaper took of them at airport welcoming the team back with crazy hats on and a banner.

Bm called our home while we were out. She's usually extremely rude to my girls, but they handle it well. This time she's sooooo verrry warm and fuzzy - "Is (ss) there? Oh, are you going to dinner tonight to celebrate? I'll call back later when I get a chance."

Yeh, now that he's won regional and national, all her efforts to sabotage his participation didn't work, and she wants to share in ss's success. Oh well - (Me practicing that important skill, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff).

Concerned Stepmom


dh - darling husband 
bm - biomom 
ss - stepson 
sd - stepdaughter 
dd - darling daughter 
ds - darling son 

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